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Cracking the DNA Code

Cracking the DNA code and being able to convert the knowledge into the Language of ISSU is a breakthrough that will put the control of all living things in the hands of human beings. Instead of our usual pattern of displacement and destruction of other life forms we will be able to repair and create different species of life. The DNA of valuable species on the verge of extinction could be repaired and the false knowledge replaced with new true knowledge capable to dealing with the new environment of the future. By the careful analysis of the knowledge of DNA and by using a system like ISSU almost any life-form manipulation is possible.

As mentioned before the ability to reverse engineer the knowledge base of historical figures is possible. When the DNA code is cracked this reverse engineering may be extended to the re-creation of extinct life-forms too. The concept of the movie 'Jurassic Park' may become a reality when people using ISSU carefully reconstruct the DNA knowledge base that produced life-forms like dinosaurs. Since our environment has changed these new creatures may only be partially similar to the actual extinct life-forms but close enough to enjoy while visiting them at a zoo.

Once users of ISSU acquire the ability to edit, modify, and create new life-forms that live independently of the Internet, the work on human design won't be far behind. As you can see from the explosion of popular cosmetic surgery, humans like modifying themselves. By reading your own DNA into the Language of ISSU you will be given the ability to edit and modify your own DNA code. To say the least it might be nice to change your eye or hair color without resorting to chemical treatments. Taking this line of thinking further the possibilities become almost mind-boggling. Giving humans the ability to change their size, shape, color, and even mental capacity will eventually yield many new species of humans here on our planet. It will be like putting evolution into the fast lane.

All these incredible possibilities for the advancement of the human race and the preservation of life on Earth depend on the development of a single new tool like ISSU. From the elimination of office buildings and your drive to work to the development of new species of human beings these things can all be done using a system like ISSU. The only question now is: How long will it take to develop ISSU?

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23