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Common Constants in Physics

Identifier Value Units Description
Atomic Mass 1.6605387310-27 kg atomic mass constant
Atomic Mass Energy 1.4924177810-10 J atomic mass constant energy equivalent
Boltzmann 1.380650310-23 J K-1 Boltzmann constant k
Boltzmann eVK 8.61734210-5 eV K-1 Boltzmann constant k in eV/K
Curie 3.71010 s-1 Curie
Erg 110-7 kg m2 s-2 erg
Gauss 110-4 kg a-1 s-2 Gauss
GramForce 9.8066510-3 kg m s-2 gram (force)
InchMercury 3.38638815789103 kg m-1 s-2 inch mercury
InchWater 2.490889102 kg m-1 s-2 inch water
Joule 1100 kg m2 s-2 Joule
Lambert 1104 cd sr m-2 Lambert
Lumen 1100 cd sr lumen
Lux 1100 cd sr m-2 lux
MassElectron 9.1093818810-31 kg mass of electron
MassMuon 1.8835310910-28 kg mass of muon
MassNeutron 1.6749271610-27 kg mass of neutron
MassProton 1.6726215810-27 kg mass of proton
Newton 1100 kg m s-2 Newton (force)
Phot 1104 cd sr m-2 phot
PlanckH 6.6260687610-34 J s Planck constant h
PlanckH_eVs 4.1356672710-15 eV s Planck constant h in eV s
PlanckHBar 1.05457159610-34 J s Planck constant h/2Pi
PlanckHBar_eVs 6.5821188910-16 eV s Planck constant h/2Pi in eV s
PlanckLength 1.616010-35 m Planck length
PlanckMass 2.176710-8 kg Planck mass
PlanckTime 5.390610-44 s Planck time
SpeedLight 2.99792458108 m s-1 speed of light in vacuum
Poise 110-1 kg m-1 s-1 Poise
ProtonMagneticMoment 1.41060663310-26 A m2 magnetic moment of a proton
Rad 110-2 m2 s-2 rad
Roentgen 2.5810-4 a s kg-1 Roentgen
Stilb 1104 cd m-2 stilb
Stokes 110-4 m2 s-1 Stokes

Last Update: 2007-08-31