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Author: E.E. Kimberly

  Problem Answer
1 A group of Y-connected resistors is connected in parallel with a group of Δ-connected resistors to a 230-volt line, as shown in the accompanying diagram. Calculate the line currents. IL1 = 116.5 A
IL2 = 123.6 A
IL3 = 106.3 A
2 As indicated in the diagram at the left, an induction motor drawing 50 amp at 220 volts with 50% power factor, lagging, from a three-phase line has connected in parallel with it between two line wires a single-phase electric furnace which draws from the line 25 amp at 100% power factor. Calculate the total active power. Calculate the current in each line. IL1 = 50 A
IL2 = 72 A
IL3 = 56 A
3 If, in Problem 2, the motor power only be measured by the two-wattmeter method, what would be the reading of each wattmeter?  
4 By use of a given size of wire, a load of 1000 kilowatts can be delivered over a two-wire single-phase line with a loss of 750 watts per wire. How much power could be delivered over a three-phase line through the same distance with the same weight of copper and with the same power loss in the line? 1155 kW
5 A balanced three-phase, Y-connected load of three single-phase impedances each of which is 5+j6 ohms is connected to a 230-volt line. Determine the line current and the power in the load. Draw the vector diagram.  
6 Three impedances ZAB = 4+j0.5, ZBC = 5-j6, and ZCA = 10-j0 are connected in delta across a 230-volt three-phase line whose voltage sequence is VAB, VCA, VBC. Calculate the line currents and the total power in the load. Draw the vector diagram of voltages and currents.  
7 Calculate the line currents in Problem 6 for the condition of reversed phase rotation.  
8 A balanced three-phase load at 60% power factor is being metered by the two-wattmeter method. The total power is 4000 watts. What is the power indicated by each meter?  
9 Calculate the reactive volt-amperes in Problem 8.  
10 A balanced load of three hundred 75-watt lamps on a three-phase system is measured by the two-wattmeter method. What will be the reading on each wattmeter?  
11 An induction motor draws from a three-phase line 5000 watts at 70% power factor. If a single-phase wattmeter is connected with its current coil in line A and with its potential coil across lines B and C, how much will be the reading of the wattmeter and what will it measure?  
12 A three-wire line of No. 1 conductors 200 ft long with Type-SN insulation (see Appendix) supplies a 120/240-volt single-phase load with maximum permissible current. What per cent of load increase would be permissible if the system voltage were changed to three-phase 240 volts at the load? 73.2%
13 If three 5-ohm resistors connected in wye draw 10 amp per phase from a three-phase line, how much power will they draw from the same line if they are connected in delta? 4500 W

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