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40-degree machinesPermissible Temperatures for Insulation
55-degree machinesPermissible Temperatures for Insulation
80-degree machinesPermissible Temperatures for Insulation
a-c generatorVoltage Control of A-C Generators
a-c magnetApplication of Magnets
abampereThe Ampere
absolute valueThe Polar Form of Vector Representation
ACAlternating Voltage Applied to a Condenser
addition of voltagesAddition of Voltages With Phase Displacement
admittanceConductance,Susceptance, and Admittance
alternating currentInstantaneous Values of Electromotive Force
 Comparison of Direct and Alternating Current
 Alternating Currents in Resistive Circuits
alternating voltageAlternating Voltage Applied to a Condenser
alternatorHunting of Alternators
American Wire Gage numbersWire Gages
ammeterDirect-Current Ammeter
 Iron-Vane Voltmeters and Ammeters
amortisseur windingStarting of Synchronous Motors
 Running Conditions
ampereThe Ampere
ampere rateCharging Rates
ampere-hour capacityDischarge Rates
amplificationThe Triode
 Transfer and Plate Characteristics of a Triode
amplification factorAmplification Factor, Plate Resistance, and Transconductance
angleThe Polar Form of Vector Representation
anodeElectron Affinity
application of Ohm's lawApplication of Ohm's Law
arcStorage of Electromagnetic Energy
armature circuitLoss in the Armature Circuit
armature coreArmature of Direct-Current Generator
armature reactionArmature Reaction
 Synchronous Impedance
armature-iron lossArmature-Iron Loss
atomThe Structure of Matter
automatic starterAutomatic Starters
average powerPower in a Circuit With Resistance Only
AWGWire Gages

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