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Power-Factor Correction by Static Condensers

Author: E.E. Kimberly

The current taken by a static condenser is practically 90° ahead of the voltage applied to it. Therefore, the condenser kv-a may be treated as wholely reactive and without loss component. Thus, if the power factor of the load of Fig. 25-2 (a) were corrected to cos 02 by a static condenser, the vector diagram would be as shown in Fig. 25-3.

Fig. 25-3. Power-Factor Correction (One Phase) by Static Condenser

When the power factor of a three-phase system is to be corrected by static condensers, three condenser units are usually connected in delta, as near as practicable to the source of the low power factor. See Fig. 25-4.

Fig. 25-4. Power-Factor Correction by Condensers (Three Phase)

Synchronous condensers are almost never used for power-factor correction by manufacturing industries.

Last Update: 2010-10-06