Linux Know-How provides a collection of introductory texts on often needed Linux skills.



Linux Know-How

Release 1.10
Sept-15, 2005

This edition of the eBook Linux Know-How has been created to offer a profound source of knowledge to the average Linux user and to the Linux newbie, as well. Whilst all of the contents of this eBook is available from the Internet we feel that most of this excellent material suffers from lack of adequate access structures. Thus we focused our attention on enhancing the accessibility of the texts by adding an index, by splitting it into managable (and readable) parts, and by adding lots of "see also" hints. Further, as we believe that most Linux newbies have a Windows based computer at hand, we additionally created an MS Windows HTMLHelp file offering the same navigation structure as the Web-based version.

In particular, Linux Know-How currently contains the following volumes:

We hope that this service makes it easier for many users to migrate to Linux and brings support to the average Linux user, who use their Linux system only in parallel to a Windows based machine and may have to occasionally look into help files and introductory texts.


The latest release of this eBook may be downloaded as an MS Windows HTMLHelp file from the following Web page:

The Coimbra-based sources of this eBook are available from this page, as well.

Hans Lohninger
Epina GmbH,
Pressbaum, September 2005

Last Update: 2010-12-16