Linux Know-How provides a collection of introductory texts on often needed Linux skills.

Release History


The following table gives a survey of the releases of Linux Know-How:

Release Date Changes
1.11 2011-03-24 A few broken links have been fixed; link to VIAS library search implemented; bug fix in JavaScript of HTMLHelp
1.10 2005-09-15 Guide to Firewalls and Proxy Servers added
1.00 2005-09-11 see also links finished; HTMLHelp created; first "official version"; many layout improvements
0.93 2005-09-10 see also links improved; page caption corrected
0.92 2005-09-09 broken links repaired; index improved
0.91 2005-09-06 Bash Shell Guide added; index improved
0.90 2005-09-02 First preliminary release

Last Update: 2010-12-16