The PNG Guide is an eBook based on Greg Roelofs' book, originally published by O'Reilly.

Windows 95/98/NT


Version 2.3, ACD Systems. Full gamma support; progressive display of interlaced images (sparse method); older versions ignored the background chunk and incorrectly displayed grayscale images with alpha channels. Not tested recently.
AI Picture Explorer

Version 1.2, Applied Insights. Conversion capabilities; can autogenerate web pages with thumbnail images.
AI Picture Utility

Version 2.5, Applied Insights. Conversion capabilities.
Alter Image 32

Version 1.0a, Nun's Meadow Software. Conversion capabilities.

Version 1.80 (``build 273''), Photodex. Conversion capabilities; claims gamma support. CPIC is also sometimes known as CompuPic.

Version 2.02, Briggs Softworks. Encryption capabilities. Versions prior to 2.0 were also available for Windows 3.x.
DeBabelizer Pro

Version 4.5, Equilibrium. Conversion capabilities; claims gamma support.
Drag And View

Version 4.0c, Canyon Software. Conversion capabilities.

Version 2.0, WinCorner. Integrates into Windows File Manager and Explorer.
GIF Construction Set

Version 1.0Q, Alchemy Mindworks.

Alchemy Mindworks.
Graphic Viewer

Version 1.0, PrimaSoft PC.
Graphic Workshop

Version 1.1Y, Alchemy Mindworks. Conversion capabilities; no gamma support in older versions. Not tested recently.
HiJaak PRO

Version 4.5, IMSI. Conversion capabilities, but apparently not to PNG. HiJaak was originally developed by Inset, which was acquired by Quarterdeck, which finally sold the product to IMSI.

Version 5.0, Spicer Corporation. Conversion capabilities.

Version 2.31, Arcata Pet Software.[21] Conversion capabilities; claims gamma support. Related software includes WWPlus32 (multiformat wallpaper manager) and WWSaver32 (image-based screensaver).

[21] Wacky fact: Arcata Pet Software's name comes from the associated pet store and supply shop.

Version 2.90, Skiljan Irfan. Conversion capabilities.
KeyView Pro

Version 6.0, Verity. Conversion and Netscape plug-in capabilities. FTP Software sold KeyView to Verity late in 1997.

Version 1.6, Brandyware Software. Conversion capabilities.
Photonyx Viewer

Version 2.0, Chrome Imaging.

Version 1.3, ACD Systems. Integrates into Windows Explorer menus.

Version 1.81, Andrew Anoshkin.
PixelGraphicLibrary demo viewer

Version 1.0 beta 5, Peter Beyersdorf. Principally an imaging toolkit, but includes a demo viewer app.

Version 2, ACK Software. Conversion capabilities.

Version 3.10, Polybytes. Conversion capabilities.
QuickTime PictureViewer

Version 3.0, Apple Computer. Full gamma and color-correction support via ColorSync; claims full alpha support (but not clear in what form). PictureViewer completely supersedes the Tiny Viewer demo app that Sam Bushell included with his QuickTime 2.5 PNG-Importer. Note that any QuickTime-aware application (even Apple's SimpleText) can be used to view PNG images if QT3 is installed.
Quick View Plus

Version 5.0, Jasc Software. This is software with history. Originally developed by Mastersoft as Viewer 95, both it and Mastersoft were acquired by Frame, which was almost immediately acquired by Adobe. The program and associated technologies were rereleased as Adobe File Utilities by Mastersoft in 1996, then sold to Inso in 1997. Inso gave the software its current name, but apparently sold or licensed the rights to the Windows version to Jasc in 1998. Inso still sells the Unix version and possibly the Windows version, but apparently only to government and ``enterprise'' customers.
Riptide Photo Studio

Version 1.0, Vorton Technologies. Conversion capabilities.

Version 1.2.00, CQuick Technologies.

Version 3.30, Cerious Software. Conversion capabilities, but without the ability to write interlaced or transparent PNGs; possibly full gamma support; can autogenerate web pages with thumbnail images.

Version 3.6, Lawrence Gozum. Conversion capabilities.
WebGraphics Optimizer

Version 4.0, Plenio Software Solutions. Conversion capabilities; Version 2.x had broken support for two-bit images, no gamma support, and no control over compression level or filtering (to the extent that it would happily write an output file larger than the input). Not tested recently.

Last Update: 2010-Nov-26