The PNG Guide is an eBook based on Greg Roelofs' book, originally published by O'Reilly.

Windows 3.x


Version 2.2, ACD Systems. (See also ACDSee32 earlier.)

Version 1.80 (``build 273''), Photodex. Conversion capabilities; claims gamma support. CPIC is also sometimes known as CompuPic.
Drag And View

``Gold'' version (possibly 1.3), Canyon Software. If the download filename,, can be trusted, and if the version numbering is the same as that for the 32-bit Windows version discussed earlier, then the 16-bit version may not include PNG support after all.
GIF Construction Set

Version 1.0Q, Alchemy Mindworks.

Alchemy Mindworks.
Graphic Workshop

Version 1.1Y, Alchemy Mindworks. Conversion capabilities; no gamma support in older versions. Not tested recently.
GraphX Viewer

Version 1.51 only, Group 42. Conversion capabilities; full gamma support. Group 42 is the company for which Guy Schalnat worked while he wrote the first version of libpng. Unfortunately, there has been no further PNG-related work since he left.


Version 5.0, Spicer Corporation. Conversion capabilities.
KeyView Pro

Version 6.0, Verity. Conversion and Netscape plug-in capabilities. FTP Software sold KeyView to Verity late in 1997.

Version 1.6, ACD Systems. Integrates into Windows File Manager.

Version 2, ACK Software. Conversion capabilities.
QuickShow Lite

Alchemy Mindworks.
Quick View Plus

Version 5.0, Jasc Software. See its earlier listing in the 32-bit Windows section for a brief history.

Version 3.30, Cerious Software. Conversion capabilities, but without the ability to write interlaced or transparent PNGs; possibly full gamma support; can autogenerate web pages with thumbnail images.

Version 3.6, Lawrence Gozum. Conversion capabilities.
Viewer Pro!

Version 4.2, Brandyware Software. Conversion capabilities.

Last Update: 2010-Nov-26