The PNG Guide is an eBook based on Greg Roelofs' book, originally published by O'Reilly.

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Lane, TomAnatomy of an Internet Working Group
Latin-1 text annotationsLatin-1 Text Annotations (tEXt, zTXt)
LatinByrdOther Conversion Programs
LCDs and gammaGamma Gotchas
LEADTOOLS libraryWindows-Specific Libraries
Leffler, SamPalette-Based
left bit replicationWriting PNG Images
Lehmann, AlexanderImplementation
Lempel, AbrahamHistory of the Portable Network Graphics Format
Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) compressionCompression
libjpeg libraryGrayscale
 Image-Defining Chunks
libpngReading PNG Images
 PNG-Reading Demo
libpng libraryReading PNG Images
 Concluding Remarks
libraryReading PNG Images
libtiff libraryTiff2png
 Interlacing and Progressive Display
LibVRML97/Lookat suiteLibVRML97/Lookat
licensing feesThe Deflate Compression Algorithm
LightWaveOther 3D Applications
Liquid Reality VRML browserOther VRML Browsers
little-endian formatTiff2png
 GIF Conversion Info (gIFg, gIFx)
Live3D VRML browserOther VRML Browsers
LiView image viewerBeOS
Lookat VRML browserLibVRML97/Lookat
LOOPImage Display, Manipulation, and Control
lossy vs. lossless compressionCompression
LZ77The Deflate Compression Algorithm
LZ77 algorithmHistory of the Portable Network Graphics Format
 The Deflate Compression Algorithm
LZ78 algorithmHistory of the Portable Network Graphics Format
LZSS algorithmThe Deflate Compression Algorithm
LZW algorithmCompression
 History of the Portable Network Graphics Format

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