VIAS Science Cartoons provides a collection of cartoons illustrating various aspects of science and technology. See About for further information....


© 1998 G. Meixner
VIAS Science Cartoons is a collection of cartoons created by Georg Meixner when working on two e-book projects [1,2]. The cartoons were primarily drawn to illustrate rather abstract topics in order to introduce some variety into the electronic texts.

These cartoons are now made available to the general public. You may use it for non-commercial purposes for free, provided that you give full credit to the source of the cartoons.

In order to make it easier for you to find an appropriate cartoon we indexed the cartoons assigning several keywords to each cartoon. The alphabetic index may be accessed by clicking the "index" entry in the upper right corner of the pages.


[1] Hans Lohninger, Teach/Me Data Analysis, Springer Berlin-New York-Tokyo 1999
[2] Hans Lohninger et. al, Teach/Me Instrumentelle Analytik, Springer, Heidelberg 2002

Last Update: 2005-06-09