This is the Web Edition of "A Trip Into Space", a Coimbra-based electronic book on space science. Both the texts and the photos are by courtesy of National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

As Seen By Voyager 2

This picture of Jupiter was taken by Voyager 2 on June 10, 1979 from a distance of 24 million kilometers. On top of Jupiter's brightly colored cloud patterns is the shadow of Ganymede, the largest of the Jovian satellites. Io, the innermost of the large satellites is visible to the right of Jupiter. This satellite has been found to be the most volcanically active body so far discovered in the solar system. Plumes of volcanic material erupting as high as 280 kilometers above the surface have been found. These features are not yet visible in the Voyager 2 pictures but will soon be studied at high resolution as Voyager makes its closest approach of the Jovian system on July 9, 1979.

Last Update: 2006-Feb-27