This is the Web Edition of "A Trip Into Space", a Coimbra-based electronic book on space science. Both the texts and the photos are by courtesy of National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The Moon
Tranquility Base Before Departure Of Apollo 11

This image shows an area of Tranquility Base taken from the Apollo 11 lunar module at the end of the astronaut's 2 1/2 hour moonwalk. The U.S. flag and the lunar television surface camera in the background are visible. Footprints cover most of the area. A lunar module thruster blocks part of this view, looking roughly northwest. The astronauts took off from the Moon at 17:54 UT (1:54 p.m. EDT) on 21 July 1969. (Apollo 11, AS11-37-5545)

Last Update: 2004-Nov-27