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Data Set
Polynomial Fit


independent     dependent
-3.00E+01       -7.977E+01
-2.90E+01       -7.013E+01
-2.80E+01       -7.677E+01
-2.70E+01       -7.441E+01
-2.60E+01       -5.289E+01
-2.50E+01       -5.274E+01
-2.40E+01       -4.956E+01
-2.30E+01       -4.539E+01
-2.20E+01       -4.668E+01
-2.10E+01       -2.938E+01
-2.00E+01       -2.387E+01
-1.90E+01       -3.559E+01
-1.80E+01       -2.194E+01
-1.70E+01       -1.453E+01
-1.60E+01       -2.300E+01
-1.50E+01       -1.488E+01
-1.40E+01       -1.352E+01
-1.30E+01       -8.970E+00
-1.20E+01       -2.531E+00
-1.10E+01        1.234E+00
-1.00E+01       -6.018E+00
-9.00E+00       -9.745E+00
-8.00E+00        3.369E+00
-7.00E+00       -1.317E+00
-6.00E+00       -4.562E+00
-5.00E+00        4.857E+00
-4.00E+00        1.075E+00
-3.00E+00       -6.209E-01
-2.00E+00        1.169E+01
-1.00E+00        1.646E+01
 0.00E+00        6.858E+00
 1.00E+00        6.655E+00
 2.00E+00        1.041E+01
 3.00E+00        1.967E+01
 4.00E+00        1.607E+01
 5.00E+00        9.997E+00
 6.00E+00        3.576E+00
 7.00E+00        1.809E+01
 8.00E+00        6.939E+00
 9.00E+00        2.536E+00
 1.00E+01        8.626E+00
 1.10E+01        1.917E+01
 1.20E+01        1.846E+01
 1.30E+01        9.737E+00
 1.40E+01        5.705E+00
 1.50E+01        8.804E+00
 1.60E+01        7.417E+00
 1.70E+01        1.271E+01
 1.80E+01        7.950E+00
 1.90E+01        1.172E+01
 2.00E+01        1.383E+01
 2.10E+01        1.459E+01
 2.20E+01        7.152E+00
 2.30E+01        8.502E+00
 2.40E+01        9.823E+00
 2.50E+01        3.447E+00
 2.60E+01        1.925E+00
 2.70E+01        5.168E+00
 2.80E+01        1.142E+01
 2.90E+01        1.004E+01
 3.00E+01        5.898E-01
 3.10E+01        1.634E+01
 3.20E+01       -1.935E+00
 3.30E+01        4.130E+00
 3.40E+01        1.594E+01
 3.50E+01        7.888E+00
 3.60E+01        9.415E+00
 3.70E+01        1.739E+01
 3.80E+01        1.411E+01
 3.90E+01        9.894E+00
 4.00E+01        1.431E+01
 4.10E+01        6.762E+00
 4.20E+01        2.471E+01
 4.30E+01        1.610E+01
 4.40E+01        1.140E+01
 4.50E+01        1.638E+01
 4.60E+01        2.435E+01
 4.70E+01        3.053E+01
 4.80E+01        2.617E+01
 4.90E+01        2.170E+01
 5.00E+01        3.096E+01
 5.10E+01        2.741E+01
 5.20E+01        3.420E+01
 5.30E+01        4.411E+01
 5.40E+01        5.077E+01
 5.50E+01        5.518E+01
 5.60E+01        4.507E+01
 5.70E+01        4.964E+01
 5.80E+01        6.544E+01
 5.90E+01        6.064E+01
 6.00E+01        6.688E+01
 6.10E+01        7.008E+01
 6.20E+01        7.129E+01
 6.30E+01        9.417E+01
 6.40E+01        9.588E+01
 6.50E+01        8.990E+01
 6.60E+01        1.080E+02
 6.70E+01        1.018E+02
 6.80E+01        1.209E+02
 6.90E+01        1.276E+02

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