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Teach/Me Data Analysis
Text-Only Light Edition

Hi, I'm Hans Lohninger.

Thank you for your interest in "Teach/Me Data Analysis". This electronic textbook is based on the idea, that learning by doing is the best way to get experience. Thus we tried to include a lot of interactive examples which show specific aspects of a particular topic, and which can be started directly within the corresponding textbook pages.

The contract with the publisher requires me to restrict this light edition. Therefore it does not contain any interactive examples, neither does it offer the navigation tools, nor the courses.

If you are interested in purchasing the full version of this electronic textbook, you can order it from Springer-Verlag [1], or in the nearest bookstore.

By purchasing the full version of Teach/Me Data Analysis you not only receive an unrestricted copy, but also the right to download free minor  updates.

I greatly appreciate any feedback on the product. If you want to make suggestions for further development or to reports bugs, please visit the Teach/Me Feedback Site. Please refrain from sending emails to my personal email address unless you need to contact me personally (I'm receiving lots of emails every day - too many to be able to adequately reply to all of them). Requests about prices and delivery should be directed to

Best Wishes,

      Hans Lohninger

[1] H.Lohninger: Teach/Me Data Analysis, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-New York-Tokyo, 1999. ISBN 3-540-14743-8
This is the single user edition, the network edition as well as the German edition will be available in spring 2001.

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