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The Teach/Me help system is quite easy to use since it complies to the standard Windows help system. All help pages are structured in a way that every page has a non-scrolling, and a scrollable region.

Note that there are several help files within Teach/Me which are displayed according to the current context of the help button. In addition, Teach/Me installs the help file of Coimbra in order to provide support on technical matters.

Most pages have a non-scrolling region which contains the title of the page as well some means for navigation. The Teach/Me logo at the top left is generally linked to the topic which is next highest in the hierarchy of the help topics (you may view the Teach/Me help system as kind of a tree which is turned upside down). Thus by clicking on this logo repeatedly, you finally climb to the master page. In addition to the Teach/Me logo, there are always some "see also" links to related topics.

The scrollable region contains all the information available on the particular topic (for example, the text you are currently reading).


Last Update: 2004-Jul-03