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Intentions of Teach/Me

The basic idea behind Teach/Me is to provide both knowledge in the field of data analysis, and tools to utilize this knowledge more efficiently. While computers naturally lend themselves to be used for calculations and procedures of data analysis, it is not so obvious that a computer program may also serve as a means for teaching and learning. In fact, many people do not like to read from computer screens, nor do they want to sit in an upright position in front of a monitor. Furthermore, there are some investigations which have shown that the efficiency of learning decreases if learning is solely based on reading from a screen. 

Therefore the main goal of Teach/Me is to exploit the positive sides of a computer for teaching and learning. And one of the most evident advantages of computers is the possibility to gain experience in simulations and "what if" games. The interaction between the user and the teaching software is what makes it interesting and appealing. Concepts which may be difficult to understand can now be shown in a comprehensive manner to the learner. He or she can experiment with the data, and the concepts. 

Teach/Me contains a lot of interactive examples which demonstrate important ideas. The user can play with these examples, setting different parameters and thus gaining experience with the particular method. Furthermore, the user may switch to the "Data Laboratory" to experiment with data of his or her own. He or she may apply some of the more important methods directly to custom data, or to data supplied with Teach/Me

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But Teach/Me is more than just a tool for learning. As some of the authors are teachers, we clearly wanted to create a tool for teachers which they can use to prepare courses and lectures, and which can be used for presenting their lectures. Teach/Me therefore contains a course designer, which allows for configurable courses which adjust themselves to the knowledge of the individual student. 

Furthermore, Teach/Me also includes some components to hold examinations. The teacher may design the exam by means of a built-in development tool ("Exam Designer") which allows the compilation of an exam by drag-and-drop actions. A second module ("Exams") is then used to deliver the exams to the students. 

Teach/Me is based on standard web technology which ensures that Teach/Me can be used both in network-based environments and locally on CD-ROM. The possibility  of implementation in a network-based environment makes Teach/Me especially attractive for distant, and home learners.

A fair 
Last not least a fair warning: no one should believe that tools like Teach/Me will reduce the need for human teachers. Our experience is that Teach/Me may provide substantial support for the teacher in preparing the course material, and may also provide some kind of backbone for the learning process. However, the process of learning demands vivid and lively explanations by an excellent teacher, who understands what he or she is talking about. A program like Teach/Me may enhance teaching, but will not lead to the substitution of the teacher. 

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