Transistor Basics is a free introductory textbook on transistors and their basic applications. See the editorial for more information....

Download and Release History

Author: Epina Book Team

If you are interested in using a local copy of Transistor Basics you can download it as an HTML-Help file:
[2011-01-30] Release 0.92 [2.48 MB]
The zip archive contains the entire ebook as an HTMLhelp file.
After downloading please unpack the zip archive and
double click the file "transistor_basics.chm" to open the ebook

Following is the release history of Transistor Basics:

Release Date Remarks
0.92 2011-01-30 Index pages now include a link to the VIAS library search form. JavaScript bug in index pages fixed. Error in some captions of HTML-Help fixed.
0.91 2010-12-08 Greek symbols replaced by unicode characters to improve readability
0.90 2010-11-29 Entire text revised; many OCR errors corrected; many additional links implemented
0.71 2007-09-13 More images improved. Many additional links. Glossary implemented
0.70 2007-07-12 Many images improved. Layout improved. Spelling errors corrected.
0.60 2007-04-02 Many images improved. Mistakes in the original book corrected. Index improved
0.50 2007-03-22 First implementation of the entire textbook.

Last Update: 2011-01-30