Transistor Basics is a free introductory textbook on transistors and their basic applications. See the editorial for more information....


Author: Hans Lohninger

This edition of the eBook "Transistor Basics" is based on the printed copy of Leonard M. Krugman's book "Fundamentals of Transistors" published in 1954. As the copyright of this book has not been renewed in 1964 it has fallen into public domain (click here for more information on copyright renewal).

Although the topics covered in this book concentrate on technologies such as germanium point-contact transistors, the physics of transistors stay the same. Thus we included this book into the VIAS collection for its clear discussion of basic principles. We therefore took this book, converted it to HTML and compiled it into an introduction to transistor based electronics, providing additional features such as links between the pages, an index, a hierarchical table of contents, pointers to simulations, and many more aids for the learner. Further, we added a few new images, and converted the already existing images to a common style, so that the eBook can be regarded as a homogeneous and modern work, despite its considerable age.

At this point we want to thank Pete Millet who is enthusiastic about tube based electronics and who provided an extraordinary contribution to the electronics community by providing many old books as scanned pages. See his home page for more.

Finally, we decided to additionally publish this eBook as an MS Windows HTMLHelp file offering the same navigation structure as the Web-based version. We hope that this service makes it easier for many beginners to get into transistor fundamentals.

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Your Epina eBook Team
March 2007

Last Update: 2010-11-17