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Solar Power

In most cases, a system using only solar panels is the best solution. It is usually pretty easy to find a location suitable for solar panels, and they contain no mechanical moving parts that need maintenance.

It is important for a solar system that the solar panels are mounted with the best alignment and angle to the sun. The best angle may vary over the year and is dependent on the location of the site. It is a good idea to take into account that dust, leaves or birds may defile a solar panel. The optimum mounting angle may be quite flat, causing dirt to settle on the solar panel, making frequent cleaning necessary.

Shade must not wander over the solar panel during the day, because solar panels consist of a number of solar cells that are connected in a daisy chain. A chain is as strong as its weakest element. If something covers one cell of a solar panel completely -a leaf for example -the entire solar panel will produce no power. Even the shade from a cable will significantly reduce the amount of energy produced by the solar system!

Last Update: 2007-01-25