Wireles Networking is a practical guide to planning and building low-cost telecommunications infrastructure. See the editorial for more information....


VIAS is dedicated to the creation of freely available knowledge in the fields of science and technology. While there is plenty of material available on the Web, most of these books and texts are rather unsystematic and/or fragmentary. So one of our goals is to identify high quality material and publish this material in a way that the contents will become easily accessible.

In our search for material of high quality we stumbled across "Wireless Networking in the Developing World", written by a team of authors spread over the whole world and published by Limehouse Book Sprint Team under a Creative Commons License. As with so many other electronic texts, the original version of this book is not really an ebook, it is just a long PDF which serves as the source of the printed version. Thus we took this outstanding book on wireless networking, revised its layout and republished it as an ebook - making it accessible both on the Web and as a compiled HTMLhelp file for local usage. Further we added an index, improved the layout of a few figures, added cross references ("see also" links), implemented all Web addresses as clickable links, and added a few hints on simulations which should provide further understanding of the covered topics (see, for example, Radiation Pattern or Beamwidth, Sidelobes and Nulls).

We hope that this improved electronic version of printed book serves both the newcomers and the community of wireless networkers in their attempt to get an easy-to-use electronic reference book on wireless networking.

Best wishes,

Hans Lohninger
January 2007


Last Update: 2007-01-25