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Users Sending Each Other Files

Users often need to send each other large files. It is a waste of bandwidth to send these via the Internet if the recipient is local. A file share should be created on the local Windows / Samba /web Novell server, where a user can put the large file for others to access.

Alternatively, a web front-end can be written for a local web server to accept a large file and place it in a download area. After uploading it to the web server, the user receives a URL for the file. He can then give that URL to his local or international collaborators, and when they access that URL they can download it. This is what the University of Bristol has done with their FLUFF system. The University offers a facility for the upload of large files (FLUFF) available from www.bristol.ac.uk/fluff. These files can then be accessed by anyone who has been given their location. The advantage of this approach is that users can give external users access to their files, whereas the file share method can work only for users within the campus network. A system like this can easily be implemented as a CGI script using Python and Apache.

Last Update: 2007-01-18