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A Comparison of Detectors

Author: J.B. Hoag

In judging the performance of a detector, we are concerned with the following factors: (1) the sensitivity or ratio of a.f. output to r.f. input; (2) the linearity or accuracy of reproduction of the wave form of the modulation on the incoming signal; (3) the loading effect of the detector on the tuned circuit in the input. Heavy loading lowers the Q of this circuit, broadens its resonance curve, and makes it less selective; (4) the input ability of the detector to handle large amplitude input signals without overloading. A comparison of the various types of detectors just discussed is given in the accompanying table.

Detector TypeSensitivityLinearitySelectivityInput Ability
Grid LeakHighPoorPoorLimited
Super-RegenerativeStill higherGoodPoorMedium

Last Update: 2009-11-01