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ISSU's Emergence

ISSU emerged after I joined the EIES computer network run by the New Jersey Institute of Technology and began studying human communication using computer networks. After about a year of this 'study' I concluded that humans were basically unable to communicate effectively using text alone and something needed to be done. Over the next year, I sat at home and designed the software system called ISSU that would solve the problem of poor communication when using computers. From this point on, the rest of my life has been dedicated to developing the idea of ISSU.

At the time when the idea of ISSU was born it was too far ahead of its time to be built or used. I approached a lot of different people to try and get them interested in the project but got nowhere. ISSU was a very complex computer software system that would cost millions if not billions of dollars to develop. I soon gave up on ISSU and began traveling around the country to see what there was to see.

When the money finally ran out in the mid 1980's I took various jobs and ended up doing engineering consulting full time. I bought a big house on a large piece of land and enjoyed the feeling of being settled down for the first time in my life. This went on until the early 1990's when the Internet was just getting started. I immediately recognized that the Internet was one of the crucial elements needed for the success of ISSU and I began thinking of ways to get the project started again.

For years I searched the Internet looking for anybody or any company that might be able to comprehend and help develop ISSU. I found none. To this day that I write this; I have never met even one other person that could comprehend what I mean to develop a system called ISSU. This was very discouraging because even in 2004; ISSU seemed too far ahead of its time to be real. Finally, beginning in early 2004, the idea of ISSU encouraged me to write this book.

All my Internet searching had confirmed my belief that in order to develop ISSU you would have to changes people's minds on a grand scale. Changing people's minds would require changing their thinking process to be compatible with ISSU. This book is my effort to change your mind and have you look at the world in a different way. So, hopefully some day, ISSU can be developed and people can communicate effectively using computers.

So now you know something about Dave and how he came up with the idea of ISSU. Now it is your job as the reader to try and learn the language of ISSU and understand why it needs to be built. If you learn the language and others learn it too, ISSU will become a reality and people will have an exciting new future to look forward to.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23