Beyond the Information Age discusses a new way of thinking about computers, knowledge and understanding. See the editorial for more information....

Information Processors

It is time get out of a rut and move Beyond the Information Age. Too many people today are doing essentially the same job and that job is information processing. When you think of it people drive a long way to work every day just to sit in an office and process information. Yes, this is the Information Age and it is wasteful and unhealthy. Billions of gallons of fuel are used every day to transport these information processing humans to and from an office space where they process information. Burning all that fuel pollutes the atmosphere and makes us sick. It is time that we move Beyond the Information Age and end our wasteful and unhealthy ways.

Today business has only one paradigm of existence and it is entirely focused on the concept of a centralized office. The business office requires transporting workers to and from their home, every working day. Even the great Internet companies like Google and Yahoo are housed in office buildings because they can't figure out how to run their businesses without them. Even the new high tech equipment hasn't made a dent in the dominance of the business office concept. It is time to acquire some new knowledge and learn to live without the centralized office concept. Driving cars to and from a centralized office is wasting time and resources.

Business is also the prime mover behind our airline industry which transports people to and from more distant offices. These airplanes are polluting the upper atmosphere burning billions of gallons of fossil fuel causing our planet to overheat. Global warming could put an end to our way of life by ruining crops and starving populations. All these problems are rooted in the processing and exchange of information in an office environment.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23