Beyond the Information Age discusses a new way of thinking about computers, knowledge and understanding. See the editorial for more information....

Common Sense

Another major premise of this book is teaching common sense. The next chapter on raw data begins the refinement of your understanding of the basic common senses and your relationship with the universe around you. Raw data is the foundation on which all true knowledge is built and this chapter was included to form this foundation and demonstrate a way to true knowledge. It is expected that all the new ideas presented in this book should be verifiable by you, using your own common sense and everyday experience. This verification method is sometimes referred to as self-evident truth.

Once you get past the chapter on raw data the next chapter on knowledge will demonstrate how data is converted into knowledge with understanding. This chapter explains the different types of knowledge and what they do. This will lead you to the chapter on understanding where data and knowledge processing takes place. Knowing the difference between knowledge and understanding is one of the most important things to learn from this book. The physics of our universe define the difference between knowledge and understanding and all life forms must obey the same basic laws. Once you understand these laws you will have a better understanding of the meaning of life itself. Latter chapters it will show how computers can be used to create new life-forms using both knowledge and understanding.

On the subject of what life is, this book goes into detail about the nature of living intelligent systems and how they operate all around us. By defining the term 'intelligent system' this book expands our knowledge of the nature of living systems to a much broader sense. This broader sense will cover not just individual life-forms but include groups of life-forms too. Eventually this new understanding of life and our understanding of DNA technology will come together to give us a complete understanding of the entire range of living systems.

So here we are at the dawn of a new age. Our transition to this new age depends on you and your ability to understand the knowledge presented here in this book. You and millions like you will need to accept this new way of thinking so that you can help lead the way into this bright new future. So let's get busy and learn all about the raw data of our universe.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23