Beyond the Information Age discusses a new way of thinking about computers, knowledge and understanding. See the editorial for more information....

The Issue of Thought

Now that you have been introduced to this new way of thinking, let's use this new procedure to analyze the general issue of Thought. The following is a breakdown of the knowledge base of the Thought issue into the ten director format:

NAME (Thought): = Thought. Thought is the name of an issue that includes the following understanding affectors: thinking, reasoning, wondering, researching, justifying, verifying, pondering and others. We really don't need any of those affectors beyond just thinking so go ahead and delete the dubious affectors like reasoning and pondering and any other names you can find that are just pseudonyms for thinking or Thought. Notice how the entire subject of this paragraph deals only with the name of the issue and the names of its affectors. The name director should only contain knowledge in the context of name.

AUTHORS (Thought): = You, Me. Just as there are dubious overlapping understandings in your thought process there are probably many different authors involved in your current thinking. Authors like yourself, your parents, your friends, your teachers, your religion, your mate, your political party, and even your country have all been involved in trying to get you to think the way they want. This book hopes you will trim this list too. Go ahead and delete any authors of your thinking beyond just you and me. Eventually you can forget me, and the only authors of your new thought process should be yourself and the ten directors.

PURPOSE (Thought): = Good Living through Proper Thinking. The purpose of proper thinking is to create new knowledge, learn new understanding affectors, resolve issues, earn a living, make friends, inspire confidence, reduce stress, solve problems, and please others. What more could you want for the purpose of thought?

ENVIRONMENT (Thought): = Thinking is a process that goes on in your brain when you are awake. Your internal state of mind can have an effect on your thinking. If you are stressed or are running your worrying affector, it can have a negative effect on proper thinking. Your external environment can also have a negative effect if there is a lot of noise or you keep being interrupted to deal with other issues.

LANGUAGE (Thought): = Thinking, ten directors, understanding affectors, true knowledge, MEST data, four dimensional truth, questions, contradictions, decisions, procedural knowledge, and nonsense. This list of words is probably not the language of Thought that you had before you read this book, but this is the language you should now be using when involved in proper thinking.

CONFIGURATION (Thought): = The Thought issue is configured just like any other issue with knowledge directors and understanding affectors. The Thought issue especially focuses on the thinking affector because that is the most dominant affector running during any thought process.

OPERATION (Thought): = To think properly you should first know the difference between knowledge and understanding and that thinking is an understanding affector. You should know that thinking is made up of procedural knowledge stored in an operation director like this one. The procedure for proper thinking is: 1. Assemble all relevant knowledge and sort into the ten director contexts. 2. If possible examine the knowledge in each director for truth in four dimensions and look for any contradictions. 3. The operation director is where you will decide on what procedures or actions you are going to take, and what affectors you are going to operate. 4. Finally, you observe the knowledge that results from your actions and decide whether the issue is resolved or not. If the issue is not resolved, you must go back to step 1 and begin again.

OWNERS (Thought): = You are owner of your personal thinking affector and you use it to make your living. If you have a job, you sell part of the time that you use your thinking affector to your employer. When you are at work you should be thinking about work, when you are at home you should be thinking about your home projects. Controlling your thinking like this can be difficult. There are many other people that would like to take control, and become owners of your thinking. Commercials on radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and billboards are all vying to own a part of your thinking process. They want you to think about something that will make them money. When you catch yourself thinking about something you heard on a commercial you should know that they now own a piece of your mind.

MARKET (Thought): = There are many markets for your thinking and understanding; you, your spouse, your boss, your community, your society, and even your animals all want some of your thinking time. On any issue that you might be thinking about there should be knowledge about the market for that issue. If there is no market for an issue, the market must be developed by selling knowledge of the issue to prospective users.

VALUE (Thought): = A quality thought process like your thinking affector can be a very valuable thing. Proper thinking can: calm your fears, save you time, improve your relationships, make you money, and help you better control your mind. These desirable features portray the value of proper-thinking to any person.

This is an example of proper-thinking about the issue of Thought. As you can see the proper method of thinking is to go through and study the knowledge in all ten directors before you commit to an understanding of an issue. If you understand this example and believe the knowledge is true then you may now change your old thinking process to this new one.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23