Beyond the Information Age discusses a new way of thinking about computers, knowledge and understanding. See the editorial for more information....

Learning New Affectors

In order to really learn any new affector you need to practice it over and over. Put together a list of issues that are important to you at home and at work and begin studying them more carefully. It is good to list the ten directors on the blank page and start filling in what you know about the issue. Eventually this will give you confidence that you are using all of the ten directors in all of the thinking you do. Remember that forgetting to consider knowledge from even one director can be a deadly mistake and lead to bad decisions.

As you become more familiar with the concept of using the ten directors to guide your thinking you can use this knowledge to analyze issues you see other people involved in. Look to see if they are considering all ten director knowledge contexts correctly. Many times you will see people espousing some issue and you will wonder what the purpose is. Sometimes people don't know the purpose or they want to keep it a secret so a potential customer for the issue is fooled into becoming involved. Look carefully for any hidden agendas (affectors) that may be used to control your thinking in a way the other person or corporation wants.

The more you use the ten directors to direct your thinking the more you will learn to appreciate the value of this new way of thinking, but there is a possible dark side. If you use this new thinking on your boss or spouse you may get some negative effects. This powerful new tool of yours may threaten their old way of thinking and make them react emotionally. On the other hand you may gain their respect and get promoted for your new higher quality of thinking. It's good to use the ten directors carefully at first when dealing with other people who have no idea that you now think differently from the way they do.

If you want a new name for this new thinking affector it can be called issulizing which implies that you have carefully analyzed an issue using the ten director contexts. Issulizing should now be added to your list of other 'ing' words that comprise your knowledge library of understanding affectors. Issulizing can have an immediate affect on you life or just prepare you for the future. Eventually the word issulizing may become part of the standard human lexicon and be used to identify a proper thinking process. As an alternative, you may not like the term 'issulizing' you my use the term Directed Thinking to describe your new thinking process.

So now you have reached the end of the first part of this book, you have been presented with a lot of new knowledge that can literally change your life. By examining your important issues like job, marriage, religion, and political orientation in the light of the new knowledge of the ten directors you may find a truth that will set you free. At the very least you will have most of the knowledge necessary to go beyond the information age.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23