Beyond the Information Age discusses a new way of thinking about computers, knowledge and understanding. See the editorial for more information....

Developing ISSU

So now you should have a fair idea of the nature of the computer software called ISSU. It will be difficult software to engineer and will take years to develop. Eventually as we begin to see ISSUs appear on the Internet they may be denoted by the suffix .issu (pronounced 'dot issue') much in the same way that we have the categories .com, .gov, and .org on the Internet today. Intelligent-systems going by the reference Name.issu will become the stores and workplaces of tomorrow. Instead of working for a single company like most people do today, authors will be able to work for many different companies using the Internet. Companies will automatically solicit qualified authors to develop the knowledge bases of these global intelligent-systems. Most commonly these intelligent-systems will seek out customers (authors of their market) to purchase products from Name.issu using the Internet. In the next chapter we will go into much more detail of how ISSU will be used as a business.

ISSU should be developed within the scope of the intelligent-system called ISSU.issu (pronounced issue-dot-issue) and may eventually become one of the most valuable documents ever produced by human effort. Eventually being the culmination of millions of person-years of very careful thinking and understanding, ISSU.issu will then dominate the software landscape. Being something like the Declaration of Independence was to America, ISSU.issu will be a dynamic knowledge living document forming the foundation of a New Age of human civilization. The Age of the Dominance of True Knowledge; The Age of the Intelligent-System-Specification-Unit; The Age of ISSU.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23