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The Rise of Dot-ISSU Corporations

The primary justification for developing such a complex software system like ISSU is to eliminate the need for office workers to drive to and from work in office buildings every working day. If ISSU can accomplish this purpose, the value to human society will be immense. The savings in human time, fuel energy, decreasing the mass of pollution, and the saving space on our planet should be enough to spare no expense in developing ISSU as quickly and correctly as humanly possible.

Today most businesses are dependent on information-technology (IT) subsystems to guide their operation and make them profit. As previously stated information is a poor second cousin to true knowledge. Information as interpreted by different minds using ambiguous language and questionable thinking processes can result in varied and unpredictable results. If the first part of this book alone could train employees to think alike the processing of information into knowledge could be made much more efficient and predictable. If you add in a tool like ISSU that can do considerable information processing on its own, using a standardized language the potential rewards for business are great.

In the near future we should see companies like Google, Ebay, and IBM evolving into Google.issu, Ebay.issu, and IBM.issu. The difference between something like Google.issu and the present day is that you could get a job, invest, propose ideas, and offer products to Google.issu without ever leaving the comfort of your home. A dot.issu corporation will be a full service corporation with all the services you would expect if you were to go to a corporate office today.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23