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ISSU's Affect on Government

ISSU will have a profound affect on business but it may have an even more profound effect on government. Government may be the last to embrace the new software of ISSU because they have so much to loose. When institutions have power you will find them reluctant to give it up. Wars will probably be fought before ISSU eventually takes over control of government. To understand how ISSU will eventually take over government a new perspective is needed.

It helps to use a computer analogy to envision how ISSU will eventually control human society. If you think of how the Windows® Operating System controls computers or networks of computers there is an analogy here. An ISSU is actually a human operating system that just happens to run with the aid of computers. Now if you step back and look carefully you should be able to see that government is also in and of itself a human operating system. Government is a system of rules (procedural knowledge) that people follow in order to benefit from the value of government. If we look more carefully at the configuration of government we can understand it better.

Governments today are usually named by their geographical area like America, China, Russia, etc. Within each government there are departments organized around specific important issues like defense, revenue, welfare, and infrastructure. Most governments are guided by fixed knowledge in their legal systems that change only slowly. Having all these separate different governments here on Planet Earth, each directed by often contradictory fixed knowledge is a recipe for trouble. As we have all seen war and conflict often arise between governments. Clearly the idea of a One World government is beginning to make more sense as we all seem more geographically together within the worldwide-web of the Internet. In fact whole idea of geographically defined government should be called into question in the near future.

In the coming Age of ISSU governments as we know them will eventually dissolve into ISSUs themselves. The usual departments of government will continue but as worldwide institutions like Security, Welfare, Social Services, Infrastructure, Environment, and Resources all organized on the Internet as ISSUs. These ISSUs will tax other ISSUs to get the revenue to support their operations. Geographically organized ISSUs will be divided up by land type rather than country borders. Land types like farm land, desert land, public land, private land, coastal land, and mining lands will be grouped together under their own collective ISSUs and act like a separate government for their specific land type. Thousands of other special interest ISSUs will form to manage specific issues of interest to certain groups and act as the governing authority on that issue. It will be a strange new society governed by the truth and nothing but the truth and totally devoid of politicians. There is no telling where the human race will graduate to using ISSU's new rules as the foundation of a new civilization.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23