Beyond the Information Age discusses a new way of thinking about computers, knowledge and understanding. See the editorial for more information....

The ISSU of Fun

So far it may sound like ISSU is all business and no fun but this won't be the case. ISSU will be used in millions of entertaining ways too. For every baseball, football, basketball, or other type of sport team there will be an ISSU used to develop the team enterprise and player skills. Fans will be able to participate in these sports ISSUs by inputting knowledge that may improve the game.

Epic novels will also be developed by thousands of people working together to create the most exciting plots using ISSU. Output understandings will be available that will allow ISSU to write easily readable books in virtually any language. In a world of monotonous truth in every part of life, it will be a pleasure to use ISSU to create just the opposite namely fiction.

If we look today at epic fiction like Star Wars where new movie episodes are produced every few years; ISSU will speed things up considerably. Thousands of fans could collaborate to develop a new episode very quickly. Knowledge from the ISSU could then be sent to an automated movie studio to have the fiction rendered for viewing. New episodes could be produced quickly. This same technology could then be advanced to support weekly or even daily fiction based TV shows produced by the audience themselves.

As you might imagine when humans are given a new tool they will attempt to use it in every conceivable way. ISSU will find many uses that are virtually inconceivable today. The next chapter will discuss a more logical application called Knowledge Warfare.

Last Update: 2007-Jan-04