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Animal and Plant Warfare

It is not only humans that are involved in knowledge warfare, animals and plants have been doing it for millions of years longer. Plants and animals have developed many ways of blending into MEST by various means of camouflage. Here they are using DNA fixed knowledge to adjust their SM data to reflect specific SE data, to confuse or attract other life-forms. A flower blooms in bright colors (ES data) to attract bees to pollinate and perpetuate its life as an intelligent system. Animals camouflage their appearance to blend into MEST to prevent their prey from gaining knowledge of their existence. These types of knowledge warfare are common and absolutely critical to the life of many intelligent systems.

If we come back up to the human level, humans have been fighting with the plants and animals on this planet for millions of years, eventually reaching the top of the food chain. Today we have succeeded in defeating the knowledge base of virtually every other life-form on the planet. We have our herbicides, pesticides, genocide, and medicine that can kill almost everything that bothers us. The fact that plants and animals have no knowledge of these new substances makes them vulnerable to defeat by these human creations. The best hope that plants and animals have to defeat us is to trick us into defeating ourselves. A tiny knowledge virus like AIDS is a good first start in defeating the human DNA knowledge but they better hurry up. Humans will soon have computer control over their DNA knowledge and be able to quickly tailor it to defend against virus attacks. People will soon convert their million year old DNA fixed knowledge to DNA dynamic knowledge using ISSU. People will enjoy tinkering with their own DNA knowledge base to precisely define changes they would like to make to their configuration. The approaching new age will be defined by new life-forms with Dynamic DNA.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23