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Knowledge Warfare in Politics

Knowledge warfare is also fun to watch in the arena of politics. Our daily news programs cover the battles between politicians and the public every day. Watch carefully what people are saying (knowledge) and what they are doing (understanding) and compare the effects. Watch when a new knowledge event takes place like the discovery of an accident or crime. The first reaction is that people want to do something about it, to make the new knowledge go away. Later you will hear them begin attacking the new knowledge to discover its weakness or strengths. If the story (knowledge) 'has legs' as they say in the press corps; you will hear about it for many days to come. Journalists will examine the new knowledge from every possible context. Look for the signature of the ten directors in their discussions and learn if they cover all ten. Eventually the new knowledge will loose its novelty and people will forget it. News watchers generally want new novelty knowledge to spice up their lives.

In warfare between countries what is most interesting to watch is the fight between the name directors. In recent Iraq war the battle started between the name America and the name Saddam Hussein. This name calling is the same old knowledge warfare that children first learn to do on the playground. The name director can be one of the most powerful knowledge bases when used in knowledge warfare.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23