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The God Issue

It seems that just as soon as you start talking about Knowledge and Understanding old memories of ancient philosophers come to mind. These ancient philosophers referenced most of their unanswered questions to the Hand of God. They tried to explain that human operations were guided by God through divine intervention and that the real world around us was just an illusion. These ancient philosophers produced reams of false knowledge.

Now let’s sit down and talk about what the God thing really is. The one thing absolutely proven in the world of Computer Science is that all computer programs must have an End or Return statement to control execution of the program. Without an end statement the understanding engine which a computer is, would simply run on doing meaningless stuff beyond the end of the program. In the human brain there must also be end statements to mark the end of an understanding or the end of a series of knowledge statements. If you try and recite all you know about clouds, before long you will come to the End of your knowledge about clouds. Same if you are tying a knot, when the procedure is finished and the knot is tied the program stops executing because it has reached the End.

Now ISSU likes to say that God is the Beginning and the End of Knowledge. Imagine a program with just one statement: End. What does an understanding engine do with such a short program? Nothing of course. The program just begins and ends with this one statement and no action is taken. Now this one-statement "Null" program is unique within the scope of all programs that exist. This program can be duplicated within any understanding engine or human being throughout the entire universe and its function will always be the same. Let’s call this do-nothing program the Stilling Affector because only stillness happens when it is run.

A trained human can actually ‘run’ this Stilling Affector through deep meditation. Dave reports he has been able to do it on occasion. What happens is that the mind becomes still and nothing is happening, no thoughts, no thinking. This meditative state of pure stillness is quite profound and is usually associated with some kind of Spiritual Experience. The experience of running the stilling affector is the root of the common religious understanding called Praying. There is one statement in the Bible that shows an understanding of the stilling affector: "Be Still and Know that I am God". Most praying that people do today does not involve making the mind still and in fact is more like running a begging affector where the person recites a list of things they want.

So far we have only looked at knowledge in the Operation Director of God and found a profound but unique null program with only one statement: End. There are some similarities between this one statement do-nothing null program and the number zero in mathematics. Now on the other hand if we look into the Name Director of God we see the word God raised to the highest level of esteem by literally millions of lines of text. Humans literally worship the empty set of knowledge and understanding where there is nothing to know and nothing to do. Through reams of false knowledge and nonsense being inserted into the Issue of God people have been convinced that this absence of knowledge is actually just the opposite and that God is all-knowing!

In a most general sense there is no true knowledge about God and that makes God unique. People over eons have tried to install their own knowledge of God into the ten directors of the God issue. So much made up false knowledge of God is floating around the planet that it is literally the scourge of human race. But, that does not mean that God does not have Value.

Be Still and Know that I am God; is one of the most important things to learn in anyone’s life. When you learn to meditate to a point of pure stillness you may just discover the true Value of God.


Last Update: 2006-Dec-23