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Issue of Souls

Far back in human history the subject of souls keeps coming up because they do seem to exist. Philosophers worked hard on trying to draw a separation between body and soul. The fact is, what they were referring to as souls, were intelligent systems. The body is hardware and the soul is software. The software knowledge cannot run without the understanding engine hardware so the body and soul must be together for the intelligent system to exist.

The soul of an intelligent system consists of knowledge memory and understanding engines. Like computers must know the difference between data and programs, living systems need to know the difference between knowledge and understanding. Early philosophers didnít recognize the difference between knowledge and understanding and this is why most of what they produced was nonsense. Today intelligent systems can be recognized as life-forms coded entirely in knowledge (software) as both data and programs. These life-forms consume energy to run their understandings and appear to the world as the soul of an intelligent system.

Once a person dies their soul (intelligent system) can live on by having some of their knowledge stored in the brains of other living systems. Other understanding engines can take over running the understandings of the person who died. In this way the presence of the personality of the deceased person lives on. Jesus is a perfect example of a soul whose personality has been kept alive for some 2000 years because people volunteered to be understanding engines for the knowledge Jesus embodied. To know Jesus is to see his personality acting within other people.

Now if you look at a business or corporation these institutions have a soul of their own embodied in all the people who work for and support the organization. Whether they are a school, church, government, or sect the organization is a living intelligent system with a soul of its own. Organizations die when all their understanding engines leave and their knowledge is forgotten. In rare cases they can be revived when their knowledge is re-discovered by new understanding engines.

So just be aware and sensitive to the souls around you. These intelligent systems are alive and well all around us. When ISSU comes into being, new souls will begin to inhabit the Internet too. With ISSU you will be able to enter a portion of your own living intelligent system and have your soul live on into the future just like Jesus. True knowledge of a person who died can be preserved in an ISSU for a very long time.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23