The Chemistry of Paints and Painting is a free textbook on chemical aspects of painting. See the editorial for more information....

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Lac LakeIndian Lake
Lack-LackIndian Lake
Lapis Lazuli BlauUltramarine
laque cramoisieCarmine and the Cochineal Lakes
Laque de GaranceMadder
Laque MinéraleMineral Lake
Lasurstein BlauUltramarine
Leitch's BlueCyanine
Lemon YellowLemon Yellow
Levant UmberRaw Umber
Light RedLight Red
lime plasterPlaster
linoleinChemical Composition of Linseed Oil
linoleninChemical Composition of Linseed Oil
linoxineHardening of Linseed Oil
linseed oilLinseed Oil
 Extraction and Purification
 Hardening of Linseed Oil

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