The Chemistry of Paints and Painting is a free textbook on chemical aspects of painting. See the editorial for more information....

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Raw SiennaRaw Sienna
Raw UmberRaw Umber
Red ChalkRed Ochre
Red HaematiteRed Ochre
Red Iron OreRed Ochre
Red LeadRed Lead
Red OchreRed Ochre
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Rinmann's GreenCobalt Green
Rohe SiennaRaw Sienna
Roman OchreYellow Ochre
Rose De CobaltCobalt Red
Rose MadderMadder
Rosso SaturnoRed Lead
RougeVenetian Red
Rouge AnglaisLight Red
Royal BlueSmalt
Rubens' MadderMadder
RubricaRed Ochre
RuddleRed Ochre

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