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Sound Composition

Author: N.H. Crowhurst

Every sound has its own individual composition: different frequencies at varying intensities, and recurring at intervals. Musical instruments have a definite pitch range, from the lowest note to the highest note that each of them can play. Above each note there is a range of overtones which must also be heard if we are to distinguish one instrument from others playing the same note.

Fidelity is the degree of faithfulness with which sound is reproduced.

The faithfulness with which the sound reproduced through a loudspeaker copies the original is called the fidelity of the system. If all the original frequencies are present in their original proportions, the system has "high fidelity." In the average juke box - especially the older ones - the fidelity is very low. The tune, of course, can be recognized, but you would have difficulty in recognizing some of the instruments playing it.

Last Update: 2010-11-03