Basic Audio is a free introductory textbook to the basics of audio physics and electronics. See the editorial for more information....

Index A...

a-c componentsA-C and D-C Components
ac meterA-C Meter Readings
acoustic dampingDemonstration of Acoustic Damping
acoustic feedbackAcoustic Feedback
acoustic lensThe Acoustic Lens
acoustic slitThe Acoustic Slit
air gapThe Use of an Air Gap
 Load-Line Construction
amplification factorPlate Resistance
 Calibrated Amplifier
 Transistor Operation
 The Grounded-Base Amplifier
 The Grounded-Emitter Amplifier
 The Grounded-Collector Amplifier
 Problems of Amplification
 Power-Limiting Factors
 Improving Power Output
 Transformer Coupling
 The Effect of Changing the Load
 Harmonic Distortion
 Frequency Response
 Amplifier Specifications
 Transient Distortion
 Phase Shift Due to Feedback
 The Loop Gain - Nyquist Diagram
 How To Get The Eight Answer
 Gain Control
amplifier efficiencyAmplifier Efficiency and Distortion
amplifier gainDecibel Calculations
amplitude pickupVelocity and Amplitude Systems
anechoic roomBackground
audioWhat Audio Is
audio amplifierThe Complete Amplifier
audio output stageTransformer Coupling
audio power stageImproving Power Output
audio transformerThe Effect of a Step-Up Transformer
automatic volume controlAutomatic Volume Control (Compressor)
AVCAutomatic Volume Control (Compressor)

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