The Java Course provides a general introduction to programming in Java. It is based on A.B. Downey's book, How to Think Like a Computer Scientist. Click here for details.

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cardArrays of Cards
cargoReferences in Objects
chainingChained Conditionals
childrenA Tree Node
circularCircular Buffer
classThe List Abstract Class
 Defining an Abstract Class
 Implementing an Abstract Class
 The Vector Class
 The Iterator Class
 The Golfer Class
 Useful Methods in the Wrapper Classes
 The Node Class
 The LinkedList Class
 The Class Hierarchy
 Classes and Methods
class methodsObject and Class Methods
clientA Priority Queue Client
code fragmentClasses and Methods
collectionLists as Collections
commentThe First Program
comparecardThe compareCard Method
Compile-time errorWhat Is Debugging?
compilerWhat Is a Programming Language?
completeMore Recursion
complex numberA Function on Complex Numbers
 Another Function on Complex Numbers
 A Modifier
complex numbersComplex Numbers
complexity classHeapsort
concatenationOperators for Strings
Conditional statementsConditional Execution
conjugateA Modifier
constant timeVeneer
constructorArray Implementation of Trees
 The Queue Adt
 The Stack ADT
 Class Definitions and Object Types
 More Constructors
coordinate systemInvoking Methods on a Graphics Object
copyCopying Arrays
 Verbatim Copying
 Copying in Quantity
countdownStack Diagrams for Recursive Methods
counterLooping and Counting
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