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Reference Data

Author: Edmund A. Laport

In Figs. 1.29 to 1.34 and their related tables some useful reference information is given on several forms of low-frequency antennas. Some of these data were obtained from full-scale antennas as constructed, and others were obtained from scale models.

FIG. 1.29. Single-tuned inverted-L antenna with horizontal portion expanded.

By means of these data the approach to a new antenna problem is greatly simplified. The configurations presented will often be directly usable or will provide information that will be applicable to similar configurations. While one may conceive of a wide variety of antennas, economy restricts the number that are practically reasonable.
Fig. 1.30 : Inverted L-antennas
Fig. 1.31 : Two-wire T antenna
The application of vertical radiators to the lower frequencies is increasing steadily as greater heights become practical. Where once a height of 1,000 feet was considered excessive, such a height is not considered unusual now. A height of 1,500 feet is already regarded as practical.

FIG. 1.32. Diamond antenna.

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