You are working with the text-only light edition of "H.Lohninger: Teach/Me Data Analysis, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-New York-Tokyo, 1999. ISBN 3-540-14743-8". Click here for further information.

Textbook Navigator

The textbook navigator provides several levels of access to the textbook:

The navigator can be activated by clicking at the "Navigator" button in the top panel of the textbook. The navigator offers three windows which correspond to the three methods of access as mentioned above.

Contents. The Contents window contains a table of contents (TOC) which can be expanded and collapsed by clicking on the small + and - boxes of the textbook tree. Clicking on any of the TOC entries automatically displays the corresponding page of the textbook. You may also completely expand or fully collapse the TOC tree by clicking on the open and closed book symbol at the top of the navigator.

Index. The Index tab opens the index of the textbook. There are three areas: the upper line lets you enter the keyword you are looking for (most often the first few character suffice). The middle part shows all available keywords starting with the expression entered in the top line. Clicking on one of these keywords will either open the corresponding text page (if there is only one page containing this keyword), or shows the titles of all related pages at the bottom area (multiple entries are displayed in a different color in order to alert the user to select one). In this case you have to click into the bottom area to display the required page.

Full Idx. The Full Idx tab shows a list of all words from the whole textbook. If you don't find an expression in this list, it is not available. The functionality of the full index is similar to the Index tab. If you are looking for a keyword appearing in many documents, you may narrow down the number of documents by clicking another keyword while holding the <Ctrl>-key pressed. In this way the current keyword and the new keyword are combined by a logical AND.

History. The History tab contains the titles of all documents displayed in the last minutes. The history list is used by the back and forward buttons on the command panel. In order to recall one of these pages the user may click on the corresponding title. The click history is not stored permanently.

Bookmarks. The Bookmarks-Panel shows all user defined bookmarks (max. 100 are stored permanently). Clicking one of these entries displays the corresponding page. In order to set a bookmark, one has to use the context menu of either the navigator or the particular text page of the textbook. Please keep in mind that the bookmark functions are available both in textbook and in the navigator. However, deleting any bookmarks is only possible in the navigator.

Contents of a Course. The table of contents of a course is shown only if a course is active. Clicking on any entry of the table of course contents displays the corresponding page.

Note, that the border between the middle and the bottom window can be adjusted by the user. Just place the mouse cursor over it and move the mouse while holding down the left button.

Last Update: 2005-Jul-16