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Ownership of ISSU

From the moment when a single individual first starts a new dot-issu corporation and registers the domain name the issue of ownership becomes a concern. That first person founder (author) would probably have had to pay for the domain registration and pay for the computer resources necessary to host the knowledge base of the ISSU. This minor investment would then entrust complete ownership of the dot-issu business to that first author. Once the name is registered and hosted on the Internet the ISSU that new corporation gets a life of its own. The first author would be expected to fill in as much knowledge as possible to get the ISSU started, especially the knowledge of purpose and method of marketing. The New ISSU would then begin searching the Internet for additional investors that may want to share ownership of the new idea. A market for new ideas should become a thriving operation on the Internet.

The ownership of dot-issu corporations will be handled by each ISSU itself with no real need for a stock market. ISSU will use standardized formulas to continually calculate its current value and predict a future value based on knowledge of current market trends. Of course there will always be competition between investors to pick the best ideas to invest in that will bring them the best return.

So what we have here with the ISSU is a universal enterprise software system that can almost automatically develop and market new ideas on the Internet. The potential benefit this will have to human kind is almost unimaginable. Still the most notable advantage of using ISSU instead of current office based business models is the elimination of commuting and automobile traffic. If business continues as it does today human society will be destroyed by its own mobility. Our current practice of moving bodies in order to move true knowledge has got to stop. We have the technology to implement ISSU today and we need to get on with making this new technology work and move us solidly into the Age of the ISSU.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23