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ISSU Pays for Work

The way that ISSU will actually pay its workers will be quite novel to most. The usual hourly or salaried wage structure will continue for a while but eventually be replaced by knowledge event wages. Getting paid by the knowledge events that an author or worker participates in will allow authors to potentially work for numerous different companies in any one day. A knowledge event could involve the making a vote, decision, contradiction, question, or the operating or moving of machines or physical objects. Authors participating in knowledge events would be paid for their time or by a flat fee system.

Authors that had never before associated with a company could submit knowledge to the corporate pool of ideas where random thoughts are stored. In this case authors might be customers of the corporation that just had a good idea on how to improve their product. ISSU would continuously scan the POI for useful ideas and if the outside author's idea was used, then they would get paid. This would be the private patent office (PPO) feature of ISSU that would record the author's identification including date and time of any knowledge presented to the ISSU. In some cases the value of an author's idea may be so great that the author may never need to work again for the rest of their lives. Each company could have its own understanding on how it would value outside information.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23