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ISSU Security

Security of the knowledge base of ISSU will be critical for the new dot-issu corporations. As we have seen so far the Internet has been successfully hacked on many different fronts and this risk will continue. The ISSU of successful businesses will be a prime target for those eager to steal their trade secrets and special understandings.

Fortunately data encryption technology has been advancing rapidly and network security is getting better. All authors of an ISSU will need a special security clearance and verification before being allowed access to sensitive knowledge. One device that it would be needed to ensure top security while communicating with an ISSU would be the Secure VR helmet.

The Secure Virtual Reality (VR) helmet would allow ISSU to communicate with a single author in strict privacy. The helmet would provide stereo audio and a 3D virtual reality video experience to the user much like the VR helmets of today. The big difference that would make it secure would be the addition of retinal eye scans to identify the author and ear canal acoustic verification to be sure no other microphones were listening. A sound canceling mouthpiece could also be installed to prevent what the author is saying from being overheard. Only when the author was properly identified would the Secure VR Helmet decode encrypted information from the ISSU. Using these helmets would be required to ensure that authors working at home could have access to classified material without the need for secure office buildings. Even with advanced security devices like the secure VR helmet, perfect security will never exist and owners of secret knowledge will always need to be on guard against those who would benefit from stealing it.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23