Beyond the Information Age discusses a new way of thinking about computers, knowledge and understanding. See the editorial for more information....

Working Together

The computer program called ISSU will likely have a much more profound effect on human society than programs like the web browser or word processor did. Although the web browser with its HTML language made the World Wide Web and the Internet possible it brought only more of the same ambiguous information which other media produce. ISSU will step it up and bring solid provable true knowledge to the Internet and the effect that will be wide ranging.

Remember ISSU is a system that allows potentially millions of people to simultaneously search for the truth about a single issue and come to a resolution very quickly. The speed at which issues can be resolved will seem staggering in comparison to the time it would take a single person to analyze and resolve the same issue. Once resolved and the truth is found and documented, that issue will become knowledge and be an example for all time. At a later time people can bring up the old issue, re-issulize it, and challenge it with new contradictions if they feel the resolution is no longer true.

It is just about unimaginable in this day of confusing truth and falsehood to envision a day when people will predominately be guided by the truth. Many industries that depend on deceiving the population will die by the wayside as ISSU gains in stature and begins to dominate people's thinking. It will take considerable courage on the part of many individuals to face the truth and accept life as it truly is. The screams and howls from groups and industries dependant on deception will be deafening. Remember, knowledge is power because it directs everything that happens and true knowledge will always have an edge over falsehood because it can be proven from a basis of raw data in the four dimensions of our universe of MEST.

Human society will really begin to feel the effect of the powerful new understandings that will be developed using the ISSU. As the Internet becomes transformed from a showplace into a workplace all the old jobs will begin to disappear. Workers will be forced to become efficient users of ISSU to make a living. Very few jobs will be left that don't somehow take advantage of the true knowledge of the ISSU.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23