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Try to not sound like such a prick so much. If you are trying to change the world, try connecting with people on an emotional level in a positive way instead of just telling us that we can\'t comprehend your mind-blowing universe-altering concept of a new desktop icon and its contents. Also, office buildings serve a greater social purpose than wasting energy. Think back to the city market concept, and how the center of commerce served as a critical social gathering place. You and the voice in your head (issu?)have a nice concept- of organizing one\'s core issues in a central location outside of your mind. But you don\'t have to change the consciousness of society to sell folks on this idea. Simplify your approach: \'Here is this sweet new software... It helps people to...\' We\'re not all idiots. Good luck with the whole project.
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After: \"ISSU likes to say that God is the Beginning and the End of knowledge\" Insert: There is some evidence for this in the fact that people often say \"Oh My God\" right after they learn someting new.
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