The Compendium Geometry is an eBook providing facts, formulas and explanations about geometry.

Download and Release History

If you are interested in using a local copy of the Compendium Geometry you can download it as an HTML-Help file:
[2011-01-11] Release 1.08 [658 kB]
The zip archive contains the entire ebook as an HTMLhelp file.
After downloading please unpack the zip archive and
double click the file "compgeometry.chm" to open the ebook.

Following is the release history of C++Course:

Release Date Contributor Remarks
1.08 2011-01-11 Hans Lohninger bug fix: some Greek letters have used the wrong font; link to VIAS library search implemented; new page on Regular Polygons
1.07 2010-12-06 Hans Lohninger new pages on spheres
1.06 2007-08-31 Hans Lohninger many cross links added; index improved; new pages on Cylinders
1.05 2006-11-22 Hans Lohninger eBook is now available as zip archive to avoid security problems
1.04 2006-05-27 Hans Lohninger Error in section of cyclic quadrilaterals fixed. New pages on Platonic solids.
1.03 2006-05-11 Hans Lohninger Error in section of quadrilaterals fixed.
1.02 2005-11-18 Hans Lohninger Compendium Geometry is now available for download as an HTMLHelp based eBook
1.01 2005-10-28 Hans Lohninger Compendium Geometry is now a separate eBook published under a Creative Commons License.
1.00 2005-08-15 Hans Lohninger First implementation as part of the VIAS Encyclopedia

Last Update: 2011-01-11