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Problems - Atomic Structure

Author: John Hutchinson

Problem 1 Explain how the scattering of a particles from gold foil reveals that an atom contains a massive, positively charged nucleus whose size is much smaller than that of the atom.
Problem 2 Explain the significance of the relationship between the frequency of x-ray emission from each atom and the atomic ranking of that atom in the periodic table.
Problem 3 Provide experimental evidence which reveals that the electrons in an atom are grouped into a valence shell and inner shell electrons.
Problem 4 State and explain the evidence which reveals that the outer shell of each inert gas atom is full.
Problem 5 Why does the ionization energy for each successive ionization increase for every atom? Why is the increase from IE4 to IE5 in Si much larger than any of the other increases for Si?

Last Update: 2011-02-16